The Joy of Creation – Speed Art by Franck Bouroullec

I had the amazing good fortune in June to be in the right place at the right time.

I scheduled my flight from Barcelona to Vienna with a nine-hour layover in Zurich (thanks, Swiss Air!), so I could explore a bit of the city. After a wonderful day, I headed back to the train station to return to the airport. But when I was walking through the station, there was an amazing display of creativity…

Franck Bouroullec, a French speed artist, was (along with several assistants) creating a large work of art with a backdrop and a car as his canvas. The event was sponsored by Volvo, but the car in question was covered in white plastic. The medium was spray paint and airbrush, but what really caught my attention was the joy Monsieur Bouroullec exhibited as he worked!


Most of the observers were focused on the product, but I was enthralled by the dance of creation… some of it done on ladders!


While Monsieur Bouroullec has a professional art background, he almost looked like a graffiti artist who was giggling with glee at the thought that he was not only getting to make his art, but also being paid to do it!

I didn’t get to stay until the end (didn’t want to miss my flight!), but it was truly a joy to observe.


PS: There is a link in the comments to a video of the event… the art part is at the end (I didn’t get to enjoy the champagne and dance performance!)


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